Chopping and Changing

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Zara Jeans, Zara Belt, Zara Tee, Basil the Cat (taking liberties).

I bought a tee from Zara last year. I really loved the print and the colours but I never wore it as I felt that it really did very little for me. It looked fine underneath something but it wasn't good as a standalone item. It chunked me out. And I came across it again today and I tried it on again and the feeling was just the same. Chunky monkey.

And then I stuck a cardigan over it and it looked better. But I didn't like the bunching of the sleeves under the cardigan as they were quite slim. So I decided to take a pair of scissors to the tee and whip off the sleeves. And being a cautious little soul, I decided I'd just hand hem the edges so it wouldn't come apart on the first wash. 

Gap Cotton Vneck Cardi (similar here

I think I did an okay job and at least I will wear it now. #somethingfortheweekend


  1. Isn't it amazing how much a little tweak can transform something Sue?! Loving your work here! And as for Basil....well, he is just too cute! xx

    1. Basil has decided this is his other bed. Not funny. He's kind of claimed it. But I remember you doing this with the Coca Cola sweatshirt where you chopped and changed that and you've had tons of wear out of it since so yes, a little tweak is sometimes all it takes. Now I'm wondering what else I can hack???


Susie So So