Shoe Dupe Dream Land

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I couldn't sleep so I made myself a drink and had a browse and let myself get swept away to the Net-A-Porter Land of Dream Shoes.

That Jill Sander pair? Adorable. So very seventies and reminds me of my own little pair of Disco magic here. So very now. So very like these ones from M&S actually :o)

I actually saw the black version in store a few weeks back and tried those on but felt they were a touch heavy looking in the black - but if they had had them in the berry way - I could have been dancing out of the store in them. I love a blocky heel - helps with the whole staying upright and walking around business.

And on the same page, there's a definite party feel with those shoes, especially with the velvet and gold touches. They're all very fun and a little bit decadent aren't they? I think this pair from ASOS is the perfect amalgamation of all them.

And when I came across this page and spotted the Isabel Marant Boots. Apart from drooling ....

.....  I thought they reminded me of a pair I'd seen on my online travels on the Mango site :


Anyway, I've finished my tea. I'm back off to bed. A girl needs her beauty sleep you know!


  1. Oh wowsers Sue...these are all amazing designer homages! You have got to love the High Street for coming up with such brilliant doppelgangers!! How lush are those Mango boots?! xx

    1. I can't walk in any of these - that's my only problem :(

      But the Mango boots do look really good - I wonder if they are as good in real life though?

  2. And I just managed to get an authentic pair of IM Andrew boots for less than half price on TheOutnet! Always worth a look! x

    1. They're not on our Outnet over here! Lucky you!

  3. Ooh, those Mango boots! I'm in the market for a pair of flat, black mannish ankle boots this winter, I think. Let me know if you see anything, won't you? ;-) xx


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