Ding Dong

Thursday, 14 June 2012
Don't you just love the sound of the doorbell which says the postman has arrived with presents! 

Me and the postman are like that.  Thick as thieves.  Not really.  My postman is really quite grumpy and doesn't smile much.  I don't actually think he even likes me. When I open the door to him, I put on my biggest smile and say in my cheeriest voice "Good morning!" and he always looks a little taken back and then returns the greeting most begrudgingly.  Whatever happened to the old adage about smiling and the whole world smiles with you?  Not in the case of my postman.  I have to say he's getting a little better because he knows I will grin manically at him till he grimaces back at me.  I do it also because I'm a bit that way out.  It has taken four years to get this far in our relationship.  Grump Meister says I should leave him be.

Anyway, ding dong, forced smiling and and the handing over of a parcel happens.  Now this is a strange parcel today - it's a Boden parcel. 

I have never ordered anything from Boden before till now.  Why?  Err .... just haven't. Maybe because I've always regarded Boden as being the fashion equivalent of a Volvo Estate?  Loads of people are probably up in arms right now but just remember - there's a lot of fashion out there and what is right for one is not right for another.  Anyway you can't hate me - I now have some Boden items of clothing in my possession!

It started with me seeing a lovely grey jumper on a blogger and finding out it was from Boden.  Jaw drop.  The blogger is cool and hip and wearing a Boden jumper.  I had to check it out.  Besides I love grey jumpers.  The jumper looked nice and looked even better with a discount of 20% off and free delivery.

It's a really nice jumper - I'm keeping it.  It's not exciting and it's not high fashion - it's just a good jumper.  You know when you just know something is right.  The fit is perfect. It's a nice summer weight.  Doesn't cling over the bagel belly and doesn't look like it will pill like a crazy thing.  It has some nice but not naff button detailing.  And I love the pistachio contrast colour details.  Boden named it most appropriately as the "must have" jumper.

Plain, simple, versatile and wearable.  What more do you want?

Pistachio Ribbon Trim

Grey & Pistachio Margaret Howell Striped Jumper

Reminded me of a Margaret Howell striped jumper I already own with grey and pistachio tones.  After all I am a creature of habits.  Oh and I should get loads of wear out of this - it's grey after all.  My favourite colour.

And because I was browsing the Boden site, I had a look in the Johnnie B section for teeny boppers and this Breton dress caught my eye.  Being a titch means I can raid the children's section every now and then.  There has to be some benefits to being vertically challenged (VAT free clothes springs to mind).

I'd been eyeing up a couple of similar dresses in Whistles but the fit was a little bit off for me and if you are paying in the region of £80 for a jersey summer dress - you want it to be right.  I ordered this Johnnie B dress in a size large (for reference, I'm a size 10) and I don't think it's too bad for overall fit and length though this is one of those dresses where I have to remember to curtsey rather than bend over.  The dress is £21 which is pretty good value.  Thinking of holiday abroad, shopping along cobbled streets, straw trilby, basket tote, donkey braying in the background?  Oh yes and I think I can even live with the little embroidered dog emblem on the hem - he's almost cute.

At least he's not pink.

I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by Boden - they really are on the ball with their customer service and constant promotions.  In my parcel, they included a welcome card with an extra 15% off the next purchase as a thank you.  How canny is that?  So I ordered the navy colour way of the dress too.  Now I can't decide!  The navy stripe is very traditional and classic but the ivory and blue is fun and summery.  Which way should I go?  I have a year to make up my mind - now that is some return policy!!

Decisions, decisions!

So what does this mean?  Am I a Boden convert?  Not yet.  My choices this time are quite basic and do not scream Boden all over them.  I hear they are upping their game for Autumn/Winter 2012 and getting a little more "edgey".  This remains to be seen.  However, my first time shopping with Boden has not been unpleasant.  We may cross paths again some day.  What I have learnt though is that sometimes we get stuck in a mindset about certain brands.  In my case I just needed to take the blinkers off and look beyond all the prints and the oh so happy clappy models because sometimes, just sometimes .....there might just be the odd little gem in there waiting to be found.


  1. I'm laughing at the story about your postman...our old one was a bit like that too!I do like your new Boden purchases...the dress looks lovely on you:)

    1. Yes my poor postman - I probably don't make his day at all. I'm quite pleased with my jumper and the ivory and blue dress - I think that's the one I'm keeping. I think it just looked better on me (more fun and less straight laced :o))

      And I think it's lovely that you take the trouble to reply to all the comments you receive. That's such a nice gesture that I am going to follow by your excellent example but it will be much easier for me as I don't have as many readers as you!

  2. I think the ivory and blue dress really suits you and is definitely a keeper! Discovered I could fit into Johnnie B last season and actually prefer most of the stuff to grown-up Boden. Got a brilliant pair of white jeans there for a smidgeon of the cost of the equivalent in the ladies range. Also heard the AW stuff was going to be a bit edgier but checked out the Autumn preview and it looked pretty much same old Boden.

    1. Hi Liz - thanks for popping in and lovely to hear from you. I like the ivory and blue dress as well - I think I prefer the Johnnie B to the mainline stuff - I have looked at their clothes previously but I think it's a recent thing where they put the garment measurements on so I've taken the plunge to actually buy something. Turned out well. What size jeans do you wear from the Johnnie B range (sorry - getting personal now and it's only the first time we've spoken :o)

    2. Hi Sue, just located the white jeans at the bottom of the washing basket (where white stuff tends to live!) and they are a size 30R. Fit me pretty well and I'm size 10-12 (depending on the shop - so 10 in Boden, 12 in Topshop, who knows what in Zara etc!). They were last season's jeans so not sure on the fit of this season's ones. Got a random flyer in the post the other day about a Boden clearance sale 30 minutes from where I live but decided against it. Definitely used to shop more there a few years ago when it seemed like a more affordable Jigsaw but just find their stuff very, very samey and instantly recognizable!

      Only recently discovered your blog but its fab (just off to check out the Anthropologie sale after seeing your latest post!)



    3. Aww thanks for the compliment! That's really made my day :o)

  3. The dress is beyond adorable! I want it!!!



    1. Hi Paola, the dress is cute - I just wish we had the weather here for me to wear it. We have rain forecasted for the whole weekend! Love your red bag in your latest post.

  4. I feel like I've been whacked by a 2 by 4 over the past few days and only just started to get back to normal routine. And wow, you've been busy blogging!! LOL, my postman is just the same. He barks and grunts and grimaces. Looks like a bulldog too.

    I've never been into the whole Boden thing but after seeing your sweater and Johnny B dress, I'm going to check out their website right after reading your next few posts.

    1. Really sorry to hear you've not been well - I thought you were AWOL buying gorgeous new sandals! Can't beat a pair of tan sandals or two. I have to say, I didn't find much I wanted on the Boden website apart from the jumper and dress! Good luck and let me know if you find anything else.


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