Anthropologie. I love thee...

Saturday, 16 June 2012
.... when you have one of your fab sales!  And then I can finally justify buying a couple of your eclectic and highly covetable and quirky items of clothing.

The Anthropologie sale kicked off this week.  I was very good and very restrained. I had previously held off buying various bits as I was waiting to see if anything I had my eye on was going to come up in the sale and lo and behold,  for once, the things I wanted were in the sale and in my size (as well as much more) but I was good'ish - I only went for the items I'd marked out previously.  One can get a bit basket happy when online - it's okay as long as you don't click the pay now button before doing a final edit!  It's probably even better if you don't click the pay button at all but that is not the way to happiness and new clothes.

So I have 2 dresses winging their way to me and both were half price and under £30 each so that's pretty reasonable even for those on a budget.  The intention is that only one dress will fit and then I won't have to keep both and spend more money than I need to.  But as luck will have it - I will probably love them both.  I need to get ebaying again!    

And here are some other goodies I also spotted whilst browsing  .....

Reverberation Tank  £39.95                              Tussie Tank £49.95

Not Your Boyfriends Cardigan £49.95                        Oversized Stripe Tee £39.95

Electric Vines Skirt £49.95                              Cascading Waves Dress £99.95

See - I do like bright colours - I just like grey hues more!

The other good thing about Anthropologie is that they have a continuous Sale section and my first stop off on this site is the tab labelled 'fresh cuts' where anything they have just reduced gets dropped in here - seriously, I have seen £90 cardigans going for £5.  I'm also the first to admit I have more expensive tastes than my budget allows (who doesn't) so any discounts and promotions I can find are very welcome.  I still think I have a working salary when in fact I don't so I've had to tailor the way I shop over the last few years.  Kids have this strange effect on bank balances - they bleed you dry and the high street has indeed been my saviour (thank you Primark and New Look) for every day wear but every now and then I like a little something different and when Anthro have a sale - I can indulge in a little something different and fabby at a pretty reasonable price.

... last minute update ... the dresses arrived!  One is a possible but not instant love.  One is a not in a million years.  Methinks a trip to the Post Office is on the cards in the next couple of day!  I don't need another summer dress when we don't even have a summer here.  I'm going to save my pennies!


  1. I love that cascading waves dress!

    1. Me too - but that one was £99.95 which made me think twice. But the colour is stunning - I'm really in to the acid yellows this year.


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