The Day the Grump Meister Became a Babe Magnet

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I was doing a mad dash (George Dude in pre-school for the morning - so got to make it fast) looking for a birthday present for a friend and decided to see if there was anything nice in the Jo Malone store. It's one of those stores where despite all the hustle and bustle outside, inside Jo Malone, the world slows a little and everything is calm. Polar opposites to my slightly mad world.

Big bag for friend, little bag for me.

I was looking for something specific - the little Lime & Basil Scent Surround Sachets which I had spotted in some magazine or supplement a few weeks back.They had sold out online but I thought I might be in with a chance of finding some in store. Result.

Lovely smart packaging

You get 3 sachets in a box

Now I had been hankering after these myself so after checking whether they had more than 1 box in stock, err, I treated my friend and my knicker drawer to a box each. Feels a little better when I don't say I'm treating myself but treating my drawers. Oh yes. I'm going to have the most fragrant knickers around in the nicest sense.

And they had a lovely new limited edition scent Plum Blossom in the prettiest bottles.  

My friend would have been gifted a bottle if they had any of the 30ml bottles left but I couldn't quite stretch to £72 for 100ml for a birthday present this time - heck I can't stretch to £72 a bottle for me! So she will now be the lucky recipient of a small bottle of English Pear and Freesia - something a little different but I like the sound of flowers and fruit mixed together.
And together with the sachets, I think that makes a nice present.

And whilst I was there, I checked to see if they still did the complimentary hand massages and to include one for my friend. And when I got home, I found they had included one for me too. Big smile.

She must have seen the state of my hands!

A few days later, I got a card through the post - handwritten no less - such a rarity in this high tech computer mad world. A little gesture but you know what - just one which means there is a company out there who is thinking about the customer experience.

Nice touch

Oh yes - last but not least - the title of this blog post.

"The day the Grump Meister became a Babe Magnet"

A few years ago at Christmas, after I opened my lovely Jo Malone Leather Christmas stocking and various other Jo Malone goodies from the Grump Meister, he said, the day he bought everything and he went out of the store swinging the biggest Jo Malone bag ever, he said he became this total babe magnet. Forget all the self help books on how to pull women and making yourself irrestible - just get a big fat Jo Malone carrier and women fall at your feet. He said all these women staring at him and probably wondering who the lucky lady was who was going to be on the receiving end that Christmas.  

Err ..... that will be me then. Huge smile.


  1. The Plum blossom perfume sounds divine, I must have a sniff if I am near a store anytime soon. I love the Lime, Basil and Mandarin fragrance.

    1. I have the Lime, Basil and Mandarin Bath oil. Does smell lovely - like my knicker drawer!

  2. How true! Most hubbies who turn up at Hermes stores asking for Birkins and Kellys have more luck too. Awww....I need to give not so subtle hint to hubby about getting me a present from Jo Malone. Or Diptyque.

    1. Subtle hint along the lines of "Buy me a present please as I am the mother of your child"?


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