Scruffy Me

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The weather has turned - the air is a little cooler - I can hear the rain falling outside. Yippee! I can wear a jumper!   

Primark Cream Tape Yarn Jumper
And jeans.

New Look Slim Boyfriend Jeans (2 years old)

I feel like me again. Scruffy me. But that's me. To a tee.  

Office Namesake Boots

So no more dresses for the time being. I'm all dressed out. You spend half your time wishing it was warmer so you can wear something lighter and summery like a dress and then you spend half your time thinking - when can I wear jeans again? And a jumper.

I ran through Primark the other day with the sole intention of doing a return. But no one really runs through Primark blinkered do they? I always have a quick scan of the scarves - no new interesting oversized ones at the mo - any funky jeans - too many funky jeans actually - how about a nice jumper which doesn't look like it's going to go "pooouff" as soon as you are anywhere near a naked flame? And lo and behold - I found one. I found a jumper that is - but it probably should carry some naked flame warning but I liked it.


It's just a nice tape yarn jumper which suits me fine as it's light and airy enough for the temperatures we are having at the moment - it's unlikely to pill (I have a real bugbear about pilling) and it would have probably cost about £35-45 in somewhere like Topshop but it cost me £12 so I'm as happy as a happy person who got a bargain £12 jumper. I can wear any colour top I like underneath it to funk it up. I've gone for for a strange flourescent violet/pink tee but I couldn't resist the colour.

Cheap and colourful.

I was hankering after some of the beautiful tees on the J Crew website but I couldn't be bothered to order from overseas and then deal with the returns should nothing fit. But then as I ran through (I do a lot of running through shops) H&M, this lovely little scoop neck tee caught my eye. Very soft vintage washed tee in this glorious hue. Mine for the princely sum of £3.99. The price softens the blow that I had to buy it many sizes bigger to get it to the nice slightly loose fit that I wanted but it was also £25 cheaper than any of the J Crew tees I was looking at.

So I've not totally bowed to the weather and gone for my usual grey blue grunge tones - I chose to have a little colour today to cheer the soul and keep up the spirits. And because it is raining as I type, I smile because I don't have to water the geraniums I potted yesterday.


What are you wearing on this wet dreary day?


  1. I have a real bugbear about piling especially on expensive jumpers - super annoying.

    1. Oh I know! I shave my cashmere jumpers with a razor every now and then to keep on top of them and I won't buy anything cable knit (unless cotton) as I can't shave those. I have jumpers which pilled on the first wear which is downright annoying when you've just spent far too much on them in the first place. My friends say I have too much time but pilling can kill a look just like that so I try to stick with cotton and linen for the summer normally.

  2. I'm afraid my outfit won't deviate too far from yours. I can't believe the temperature went from 26 C to (or will be) 12 C (tomorrow).


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