Peony Love

Monday, 14 May 2012

Every year in May, I treat myself to a bunch or two of peonies when they come in season. The Grump Meister did good this weekend and beat me to it when he came home with two beautiful bunches of peonies which he knows are my absolute favourite flowers. Double Brownie Points! Apparently the lady at the till said "Would you like me to remove the price labels, sir?" to which he replied "No, it's okay, she can see how much I love her".

Peony Love

The peonies reminded of the following garment of lust which has been on the French Connection website for a while but wasn't available to buy .... until now.

Not cheap at £97 but it is 100% silk and it is most definitely a statement (read investment) piece. I think this is one of those item constants which you will bring out every year at any time of the year.  

For summer - wear with faded grey skinny jeans and high (I would like green) strappy sandals. Add a bracelet cuff and nice clutch.  Done.

In the winter - here's my practical side - add a black velvet blazer for warmth. Change sandals for black suede shoe boots.  Done.

How would you wear this?


  1. Sue, thank you for the lovely comment you'd left on my blog. So sweet of you! The blogging community is incredible. That's why many of us keep blogging despite little return for our effort :)

    I couldn't stop laughing at your husband's comment. It reminds me of the time I eavesdropped on a conversation my husband and brother had. They'd decided that they'd only do housework when their wives are around so they could be visibly seen as doing their chores.

  2. Yes, husbands are a different breed aren't they? Thank you for coming across to have a look at my blog. Blogs are quite a new thing for me but so interesting as they are so diverse. Still learning the ropes but having fun whilst I'm doing it. By the way, I did love the Marant blouse and Reppetto leopard print pumps you featured. If that is your wardrobe - I am sooo jealous!

  3. I love that silk top, French Connection is my favourite shop, hold out their sale should start soon.

    Really enjoying your blog


  4. Hi Lucy - thanks for the advice! I also found my perfect green strappy sandals at Mango! Not bought them yet but they are on my wishlist.


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