More Blue Grey

Friday, 11 May 2012

Following on from the previous post, today I wore another version of the same colours :

Gap Perfect Oxford Shirt
New Look Black Grey Jeggings
Asda Grey Boys Espadrilles
Prada Iris Perfume
Mulberry Camera Bag

And on the person, it actually looks like this :

Which is kind of strange because it doesn't look half as covetable or should I say "expensive" as the top collection of items does it? 

I have this thing about blogs - the reality versus the imagery is often worlds apart. The first image is left to your imagination - it could be you wearing the clothes or it could be you imagining some kind of Sofia Coppola figure trotting down the road in this ensemble.  

Reality is - it's just me, another mum on the school run chasing after two boys going full pelt on their scooters with me yelling "STOPPPPP WHEN YOU GET TO THE ROAD!!!"

And something to think about - is the above outfit "classic" or just "boring"?  

The thing is - when you chop off someone's head in a photo and only have the clothes to view and judge - they are at the end of the day - just clothes. When you have a person wearing the the collection of clothes, it immediately injects character and even attitude to the whole look. Which is why clothes look so different from one person to the next. And some people have got the "look" and some people just haven't". And some people look "edgy" and some people look "safe". I don't know which category I fall into but the Grump Meister would probably say "a little bit bonkers".

Any thoughts anyone?


  1. Oh wow you look incredible, we seem to have very similar tastes. Have been thinking about some espadrilles for a while and you've inspired me to give them a go!
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Thanks Lucy. I lived in a pair of silver River Island ones last year. I eschewed the Toms as they did nothing for my legs and every pair I tried on, there was always one foot which felt different to the other so I gave up in the end. The River Island ones were brilliant except they had rope soles - can get a bit soggy if caught in rain. The ones I've got for this year were from Asda boys footwear section for £7 with a proper sole so no more soggy soles for me! Give them a whirl and let's see the pictures!


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