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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Have you been in Asda Home lately? Me neither till yesterday. But I've been in housey mode these last few weeks and having done a little bit of painting and tarting up the house, I thought I might need some new bits just to oomph things up a bit. I'm one of those people who live with the same things, day in day out and everything has it's place. I'm boring like that but having just painted the walls in the downstairs toilet, I thought it needed a little interest. Yes, the walls were clean but I was looking at the same thing. Yawn, yawn. So after scouring through H&M homewares (nothing quite right but nice cushion selection), I looked on the Asda homewares site because I hadn't been there for a while and I remembered that they had some nice home bits and pieces. This year, their cushions are pants (H&M win on the cushions front), but I was impressed with their other offerings. Enough to have a proper scout round see what else was of interest.

1. Skull in a Bell Jar
Not to everyone's tastes but there are some people out there who decorate on the dark side and like a little animal skull in a bell jar to sit on their side board or bookshelf. I think it looks like it's done very well - me, I should have gone for the white porcelain bunny in a bell jar which they had the other year. Very cute in a wrong kind of way.

2. Monochrome Knitted Throw
I looked through all their throws and this was the one I liked - it's monochrome and it's got tassels. Cool.

3. Marble Print Mini Cushion
It's a bit blingy in a good blingy kind of way. But it's only a 30cm square cushion so not too blingy big in your face.

This is actually larger than you think (have a look at the second pic) - purely decorative or you could throw your keys and gumph on it.

This is a beauty isn't it and I really wouldn't have thought this was from Asda. And it has good reviews too and apparently it isn't too hard to assemble. What more do you want apart from a good night's kip?

Tis autumn. Some people like to change their soft furnishings to mark the change of season (I have a Christmas cushion - that's it) but I thought this amber vase might add a lovely shot of colour in a room. Imagine it filled with a big bunch of eucalyptus. Lush.

This little nest of tables  punches way above the usual boring offerings in terms of design and price. Your bank manager will love you! 

These have been around a little while but this is very affordable if you are looking for something in this vein. Make sure you buy one of those aesthetically pleasing bulbs to go in it as well though. Those standard energy saving bulbs will kill the look faster than the withering look I sometimes shoot my hubs when he tells another dreadful joke.

This I like. This I want. But I have no where to put it. I see all these lovely house accounts on IG and people buying new stuff for their homes. What do you do with the existing stuff???? Anyway, cool design eh?

This vase is bigger than you think. I saw it online and thought it will be nothing too huge especially for the price that it is. It was bigger than I thought. But again, big bunch of leaves or flowers protruding from the top of it's head and you've got a show stopper. 

And another lamp. It's pretty. I wouldn't say it was my style but that doesn't mean I don't like it. I can still like something that doesn't suit my house - it would be boring to pigeon hole yourself too rigidly. I love dark interiors and I love light (I prefer to live in light but don't think I can live in dark as I used to live in a cottage with small windows so craved light). Anyway, pretty lamp.

So what did you think to Asda's home offerings? Worth a gander?


Last Note :

  • A special mention goes to Mr Fox in a Bell Jar. I love him. He's the reason I went in to store as I had to see him for myself. I brought him home with me. The hubs will hate him.


  1. Lovely picks & perfect timing for me Sue! I've given Nade one more chance to improve their offer on #colourrungate, if they can't... think you've found my new bed! 😂😘

    1. I can't believe what's going on with #colourrungate - all those lovely t shirts ruined! And I have to say rubbish compensation given the cost of the clothes that have been ruined. I'm holding out for a good resolution for you. Maybe they could give you a new bed! x

    2. I guess tomorrow is d-day given I've written back and asked for them to reconsider. And if they can't make good... this bed is lovely! Better than the one I found on Wayfair last night!

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