Friday Five : 29 September 2017

Friday 29 September 2017

Crikey. Friday rolls round fast doesn't it?

Friday Five (1 of 5) Gold

Hill & Friends Happy Bag (new version here)

Those gold pumps up there? I've bought them three times in total. I bought them originally early in the year when they were full price. Then I returned them as I thought I would probably be living in my sandals before long and they wouldn't get worn. Then there was a discount offer so I ordered them again and when they arrived I suddenly developed heel pain so I ended up returning them again. They kept dropping in price and now I've bought them for the third time and I'm not returning them. There I said it and I know you're going to say, it's nearly winter and you won't get the wear out of them but you know what - I'm going to take my chances. I have some similar silver ones and I've worn them lot recently so I think I'll be okay with the gold. For the record, I bought them a size up and I'm popping my fleecy insoles in. 

Friday Five (2 of 5) Winter Jeans

H&M Shirt (old)

Those Topshop Dree jeans I bought last week? I said I was working them out. Well I've worked them out. They're not for me. They fitted but believe it or not, they were actually too short on little old me of all people. So back I went to the online surfing board and I ended up with some petite jeans from M&S and I can't believe they actually do them in short and extra short length. Just out of curiosity, I ordered them both. I kept the extra short, they just worked better on me - I'm long of body and short of leg. The normal short length should work well on regular petites (about 5ft 3). I've worn them today and they've kept their shape well and they even go with the ASOS Ruben boots which fit neatly underneath. I would say they are a straightish leg jean.

Oh yes, the Ruben boots, I was working them out as well last week wasn't I? They're a lovely soft leather and a very comfortable height but my only reservation about the boots is that I might not get the wear out of them - I'm not going to lie - I live in my pair of Ugg Glens for the school run in the winter. 

Friday Five (3 of 5) Bring
Anyone use this mobile app? I've had it for a while - it was one of those things that the hubs found which he thought would enrich our physical wellbeing. It's basically a shopping list app for your phone. You enter all the things you need for when you go shopping and you tap each item off as you put them in the trolley. So far so boring. I didn't really get on board with it and favoured a piece of paper and a pen but I've found myself sort of warming to it recently and it's quite useful as you and your other half can have access to the same list which you can both add to and the listing updates accordingly. So when he finishes the orange juice and he says "we need orange juice", I tell him to put it on Bring. Don't tell him I quite like the app. I don't want to hear the "I told you so".

Friday Five (4 of 5) Furry

Primark Stole. (Instore)

Yes we've had a bit of an Indian summer this week but I've bought myself a little fur stole thingy for my neck. It's one of those infinity styles where it's made in a loop and you just pop it on over your head. I already have a rather nice striped tan and black one from a few years back but this one is a little smaller and neater to wear. I actually bought this for wearing at home when you want something around your neck but you don't want a scarf wafting around you getting in the way whilst you're busy doing what you do during the day. So no more scarf ends in the dishwasher when you bend over! There's method in my madness. And it was £4 in Primark I think.

Friday Five (5 of 5) No Spend October

Gap Cashmere Jumper (old but similar here)

#nospendoctober is the challenge of shopping your own wardrobe and not buying anything new for  the month of October. I really do want to join in and it should be no biggie because I do actually wear a lot of the same clothes over and over (you will find me in my grey Gap cashmere crew neck and a pair of black jeans for the  next five months), so why am I so hesitant to join in? Because I would be setting myself up for a big fat fail. I do love a browse round the shops and the thrill of finding a little gem in the most unexpected places and to take that away from me ... I would be sad. And if you tell me not to do something, that puts the little devil on my shoulder. Anyway, if you want to join in with a bunch of ladies who are going in for this challenge, have a look here at this IG post from Rachelthehat. 

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