Friday Five : 28 July 2017

Friday, 28 July 2017

Hi! (waves).

Friday Five (1 of 5) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Set

I'm a fan of the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and I spotted that little set above whilst browsing the TK Maxx site. It's a brilliant price (£24.99) given that a tube of Eight Hour Cream would cost you £28 alone. I'm due a new tube of Eight Hour Cream, the last one has lasted me (cough cough) a long time (we're talking years - please don't judge). It's the one thing I turn to when my lips are chapped and sore, if my brows need taming, if my hands are a little dry and cracked, the list goes on. It's my little all rounder. It's so good that the husband is a bit of a convert and if I can't find it, it's probably been squirrelled in to his bedside drawer.

"Darling, have you seen my Eight Hour Cream?"
"You have?"
"Hand it over".

Friday Five (2 of 5) Drink More

If you've seen my IG, you'll notice that I've started going everywhere with a water bottle in my hand.  I really am trying to drink more water though it is a bit tough going. Basically the hubs brought back a freebie drinks bottle from work one day which I commandeered for myself, I've used it but it's looking a little tired and scratched now so I bit the bullet and finally ordered myself one of the Hydratem8 bottles. What I like about them is that they have times marked on them so you know how much water you need to drink by a certain time - a kind of a regulator. I did think about drawing on my old bottle with a Sharpie but I know it's just not the same and a new toy is as good a motivator as anything. I first saw one on the lovely Chloe's IG feed and then I spotted one of my mummy friends with one - it's always good to see something in real life. I now have to order another as my eldest has requested one and even offered to pay for it himself! Oh and I like how you sip up the straw rather than tipping the bottle. Little deets which make a difference!

Friday Five (3 of 5) Seeing Stars

I don't normally do stars. And I don't normally do really oversized. I've somehow managed to skip all the star prints and star jumpers out there but this oversized Blue Vanilla one appealed. It's one size and it's actually too big for me but a taller friend who was with me when I took delivery of the top has taken it off my hands now as she loved it at first shake out of the packet. It does drape nicely though and it could be one of those perfect lounging around pieces that we all need. I just thought I'd share as I thought it was really good for the price especially now it's in the sale.

Friday Five (4 of 5) No Laces Required

Primark Trainers (instore)

No matter how many times I say, undo your laces/straps on your shoes/trainers to my boys. They don't. So if you can't beat them, buy them trainers where they don't need to do the laces.

Both boys were over the moon with their trainers - (just £10 each from Primark) and just on the right side of cool for them. They both like sports style rather than retro style trainers so I can't get a pair of Adidas Gazelles or Sambas on either. Ah well. I can still get them to wear what I want ... my way. Hopefully these will get them through the summer till we get to September when we look at the school footwear situation again. And I like that the trainers up there have got a touch of the Adidas Tubular Shadow trainers about them haven't they?

Friday Five (5 of 5) Dress Saga

I'm off soon on my summer jollies and I've gone a bit dress mad. I've ordered plenty, I'm sending back plenty but this white midi dress arrived today and I think I pretty much know it's staying. It's true to size - size 10 fits me just right and the length hits me as per the model. I also ordered this extremely colourful one which I really like but the colour and pattern scares me a little. However the cut and fit is perfect. Decisions, decisions.


Last Note :

  • To all the mums out there getting through the summer holidays. Hang on in there!


  1. Thanks for tip off on 8 hour cream - will check out. And totally love the colourful asos dress - it'll be gorgeous on you x

    1. The red one is really fun. I'm still dithering on it! I have quite a few to narrow down. x


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