Aldi Caviar Illumination Serum Concentrate

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Aldi Caviar Illumination Serum Concentrate 
(sold out online but instore as of this morning 03.11.16)

I've started checking online to see what special offers will shortly be gracing the Aldi Aisles of Joy. And I spotted the Caviar Ilumination Serum Concentrate. I was only lamenting the other day that there was no serum to accompany the day and night Caviar creams (mentioned here) and the Aldi Powers Above must have heard me. Thank you.

Now can you do an eye cream please?


Last Note :

  • I may have already picked up their Mineral Powder (like Bare Minerals) which is only £3.99 a small pot. I found a pot just over a year ago and quite liked it and was hoping that it would be reissued. Wish granted.
  • I also quite like their Specially Selected Spicy Italian Schiacciata Salami Sourdough Pizza. That's a mouthful (literally)! Oh and it's a "The Grocer Food & Drink Winner Own Label 2016".
  • If you keep checking on their website, you can see what's coming ahead and order ahead and it's free delivery.

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