Move Along

Friday, 9 September 2016

Isabel Marant Etoile Blouse (old but nice alternative here)
H&M Skirt (old but nice alternative here)
The Jacksons Bag (old but available here)
Hobbs NW3 Sandals (old but Saltwaters are a nice alternative)

Nothing new here. All old. Move Along.

But seriously if you have some good basics which don't really date, they can come in to their own year after year. Saves a bit of money too! :)


Last Note :

  • If I didn't have mine, I'd probably have this one in my wardrobe!


  1. Lots of lovely favourites you have there, Sue. I agree that good basics can last year on year. I think especially with summer dressing, my hot weather clothes don't get lots of wear so last well.

    One of my favourites is a vintage denim skirt that is stiff enough to be cool in summer (as it doesn't rest against your legs) and you can wear with tights in colder weather too. My navy birkenstocks are a pretty good basic too.

  2. It's true, I actually really like a lot of my old summer clothes and they don't get much wear at all so they are all in really good condition. I mean you can't go wrong with blue and white for summer really can you?

    And I live in my white Birkenstocks in the warmer months. I pass up on many of my prettier sandals for those just because they are so easy to slip on and they are a little more robust than some of my other ones. They were the sandals of choice when I went to Wales recently.

  3. I definitely wear lots of blue and white in summer! I like my birkies so much I will probably invest in another pair next summer (or sooner, if I spot a bargain).


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