Lovely Dress

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Not a lot else I can say about it. I think it's a lovely dress. If you were to look at it on the website, well I guess you wouldn't really look at it twice. I mean I've glanced at it briefly but it hasn't made me go "whoa there!".

But I was in store and it did catch my eye. It caught my eye because it was floral but it wasn't as frilly as the other infamous H&M dress currently making it's round the the IG stratosphere. It also wasn't as long and there was no high neck for me to contend with. What did I have to lose by trying it on? Errr £24.99.

So into the changing room I popped with it and surprisingly I just fell in love with it. It's flattering (come on, it's black) and it fitted where it needed to. The neck loop fastening at the back was easy enough to do. It fell in all the right places and it hid all the bad stuff I like to eat. It's a winner. Now let me say though, this dress is probably designed for the smaller vertically challenged people out there. Also this is actually a knee length dress but given my height, it hits me as a midi. One of it's plus points is that it falls from below the chest so there is nothing cutting me off at the waist. One of it's minus points is that it has an open back (either wear a fabulous bra or get daring and go without). And I think it's going to go rather well under that squeaky biker jacket of mine seen on the previous post!

It's the perfect dress up, dress down dress!


Last Note :

  • I'm a size UK 10 (chubby 10) and the dress I have on is a 10. It's exactly that - no more, no less. 


  1. Oh that is a lovely dress. And yes, it would look great under your biker jacket! I do like these dark florals, I normally struggle with flowery things but these are a bit more grown up.

    1. It has a little stretch in it too and isn't too creasy. I actually went and sized up and changed it to a size 12 to make sure I felt totally comfortable in it. The size 10 is very very perfect providing I don't eat and that isn't going to happen is it? But I hear you on the dark florals - this print is a little edgier isn't it?


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