Sods Law

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

You buy an off the shoulder dress and what happens? The sun disappears. #sodslaw


Last Note :

  • The dress is quite comfortable around the shoulder area and stays in place reasonably well. 
  • It's true to size and has pockets. #good
  • It doesn't seem to crease too much despite it being 100% viscose. #verygood


  1. Love the dress Sue and the print too, here's hoping we get a bit more summer...but hey ho that's the great British weather for you! Never a dull moment they say...but in fact with our summers we get lots of them! I say just wear it anyway and take a chunky cardi and umbrella with you too!! Helen xx

    1. It's a sweet little dress Helen. I don't always get on with these off the shoulder numbers but this one is really nice on and quite flattering. The best bit is the pockets - man I love pockets on a dress. And regardless of the weather, I should just bob a cardi on and get it worn shouldn't I?


Susie So So