Quick OOTD : 08/07/16 Black and White

Friday, 8 July 2016

Black and white today. It's not all black. It's progress. #pantsweather


  1. Very nice. Great minds think alike... I was in black and white yesterday too with old black gap jeans!

    1. It's so easy to fall in to the whole dark side thing so the white just lightens everything a little doesn't it. And my jeans are about 5 years old now - still lots of life left in them and I'll probably be wearing them for another 5 providing they still fit then!

  2. Loving this style of CC top on you Sue! So over trying to dress myself for this spell of meh weather! :0( xx

  3. Also wanted to add that I saw someone in a very similar outfit yesterday. The dress version of your top, black jeans and black birkies!

    I agree, impossible weather... hot when the sun comes out but then cooler and wetter in between, argh!


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