Quick OOTD : 08/06/16 First Wear

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Topshop Hercules Sandals (sold out but similar here)

The sun's gone in but it's still warm out there. And the Zara dress is getting it's first outing. Woohoo. 

That's it.


Last Note :

  • I'm wearing a medium in this dress and I'm a size 10. It's loose but it's meant to be.
  • For people taller than me and interested in the dress, it's 96cm long approx. Measurement taken from the back of the collar to the hem.
  • After a day's wear, I can report that it wears well and doesn't crease much. That picture was taken after 5 hours wear.
  • I'm all over dresses at the moment - this one is nice too :


  1. You are looking very cool and chic in your zara dress! I love those sandals, too...

    1. I felt good in the dress - it's always a bonus to have something like that in your wardrobe that you can pull on and it just feels right. I think this one is going to earn it's keep this summer! And the sandals - they go with a lot!

  2. Hi Sue, your photo is really well timed for me! I bought this in Zara yesterday and was contemplating taking it back - now it's staying ;-) I'm a bit shorter than you (yes, I know!) and a size 12 usually but the Medium in this is plenty roomy enough. Clearly you've saved me from a return regret!

    1. Hi! (waves). The medium is roomy - I didn't even try on the small but I liked the way it fitted anyway so I just went with it. I think it will be one of my summer staples and I hope it turns out to be for you too.

      And I'm glad to make the acquaintance of another small girl! :)

  3. Perfectly simple Sue, and oh so chic too...love it!!
    Helen xx


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