Monday Musings 13/06/16

Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday Musings 1. M&S Beauty Box

I ended up in M&S today with the intention of checking out school uniforms for the boys as they currently have 20% off. I wanted to check the sizing before putting in an online order. And I wanted to see if I could add the school uniforms on to anything else I might want to order to make the value up to £40. You see, you spend £40 and you can purchase the beauty box worth up £120 for £10. Yes - £10!!!! I've never been tempted before but I had a quick nosey at the contents and I was interested in the UltraSun Face Protection cream which would have probably cost me a cool £24 alone so I thought it was worth a punt. But before I got to the uniforms, I saw the above sandals ....

.... and I tried them on and they were lovely and comfy and so it came to be I got my beauty box :)

Monday Musings 2. Stripy Trews

You find the darnedest things in Tesco that you're not looking for sometimes. Like these stripy linen blend trousers. I think these are going to be a joy to wear on hot summer days when you don't want anything clinging to you. I love them! I saw them in store and decided to check if they did a short length in my size. They did! They also do them in medium and long too. But be quick, I think they're starting to sell out quickly like all good things do! And brace yourself for the pyjama jokes. They're inevitable.

Monday Musings 3. Slugs & Snails.

Got my garden cane frames all neat and orderly :)

I'm in gardening mode at the moment. The garden's been a little unloved for the last couple of years and we've just started to put a little effort into making it all come back to life. And we've been plagued by snails. Darned slimy critters. They started a while back having a Pansy fest and now they're currently munching on the Petunias but I could never find them during the day when I was looking through the plants whilst deadheading them (yes I am that suburban and normal). Yesterday, I planted some garden peas (at the boys' request) and climbing beans. And I popped a little pic on IG and I was warned about the snails and what to do. Don't you just love IG? I love the little comments and helpful hints and ideas that come around from everyone. Special shoutout to Becky who turns out to be a bit of a gardening guru! Anyway, Mission Slug Pellets has been deployed now and for anyone who wants to find them .... they like to come out in the evenings for their supper (7pm to 8pm is noshing time). But they don't like salt with their meals (cue evil cackle).

Monday Musings 4. Peonies.


Peony Season has commenced. I snaffled some from mum's garden.

But I've just noticed that they've just started coming in to store at Aldi! Just £3 for a bunch of 5 and lots of pink loveliness to come!

Monday Musings 5. Churros.

Churros with cinnamon sugar. Yum!

I was a Churros virgin till last Saturday. And the verdict? They're delicious!


Last Note :

  • Update at 21:43pm. I'm changing the black sandals for the taupe version in the same colour. I just don't like myself in black footwear that much :o(
  • I actually bought the sandals in a size 4.5 instead of my usual size 4. Both sizes are tagged the same green in store. Which means it's probably better to "size up" :o)


  1. I feel a trip to M&S coming on!!!

    1. M&S can be a hit and miss sometimes but there's the odd gem in there and when they're doing a beauty box worth £120 for £10 - it's worth a dabble!


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