A Touch of Floral

Friday, 27 May 2016

Zara Jeans
Next Skate Pumps (2016 version here)

I've waited a while to wear this jacket. Why? The dratted weather hasn't been playing ball that's why! And besides which I rarely wear anything I buy straightaway. It's just the way I am. Now I overlooked this jacket originally in favour of the dress in the same print but when I tried the dress on, it was just plain hilarious on me. Let's just say it's not for shorties like me. But I loved the subtle floral print so I decided to take a look at the jacket instead. I tried it on and really really liked it. And then I walked away.

Two weeks later armed with an Elle discount code, I made the purchase. I bought it in a size 6, two sizes down. If you're taller, you can probably carry this off in just one size down but it is a roomy number. Little things which sold it to me - it's a perfect lightweight cover up for these weird weather days we're currently having. Not outright cold but you just need that something extra. It's a heavy drape fabric and I liked the tie details on the sleeve. I showed a friend the jacket and the first thing she remarked on was the sleeve ties - just a little bit of interest to take an item up a notch.

I've seen a few ladies with this on IG now and every one has worn it differently according to their styles - it's certainly a versatile little number. But you know me - a pair of jeans and a tee will suffice. Simply does it :)

Details Shmetails


  1. Fabulous jacket! H and M really are winning at the moment. Jane X


  2. They are aren't there. Not good for keeping my wardrobe in check though - it's too easy just to sneak another thing in!


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