Sunday, 20 March 2016

Khaki Jacket Love

Primark Utility Jacket (instore & current), Zara Bag, H&M Jeans, Converse

I thought it was time I got myself a utility jacket. It's spring, it's warming up supposedly and I've only been looking for five years. This is the nicest on me that I've found in all that time and it was definitely better on me that the Topshop shackett that I originally had in mind. I tried that on and I looked like a member of Mao's army. I just needed a little red book in my hand and the look would have been Communist perfection ;o)  

So I headed off to Primark where I came up trumps with the one I'm wearing now. I tried it on and knew it was just right. I'm not saying it was better made than the Topshop one, it's not, but the styling and the fit was much better for me. It's all relative and personal. And if that sounds like a happy ending, it is, after I trimmed the stray threads and gave it a good press. You don't always get the nice presentation and finish but if you can look at what you can do with a garment - like tidying up the odd thread and trim, you can get some little gems. 

A bit of an iron.

Trim a few threads

Halfway through the process ... and finished.

And confession time. A few weeks before I found the utility jacket, I found this camo one too. This one I love with bells on.

Primark Camo Jacket (instore & current), Primark Blouse (instore & current), 
New Look Bag (old), Topshop Baxter Jeans, Converse

I also ordered the Topshop camo shackett after I bought this just to compare (need to cover my bases) but again the cut and fit wasn't as flattering as this Primark one. So if you're going down this route this year and you're passing a Primark, have a nosey. You might surprise yourself. 


Other ones worth a look : 

1. Marks Spencer Funnel Neck Utility Jacket

This one is a tencel fabric which means it will be a bit soft and flowy and the colour is veering more on the earthy side whereas mine is a strong green. You have to bear in mind what suits your own skin tone. The nipped in waist will add a little extra shape for those who don't like anything too shapeless. 

2. Topshop Shackett

I sound like I'm giving this jacket a hard time and I'm not really. I'm just saying it wasn't the one for me this time but I have to say, I'm actually quite impressed with this little jacket. If you can carry it off like the Topshop models and The Style Album girls - brilliant. I couldn't do it justice.

3. Next Khaki Embellished Shirt

Not strictly a jacket but when I've seen it on someone, it's worn as a jacket and I have to say, I like the look. It's definitely worth checking out.

4. Hush Military Jacket

This is probably the lovechild jacket of mine and the Topshop shacket. It has the funnel neck collar of mine but the material is a thicker cotton and it looks to have a little more detailing to add a little interest. I think last year's version was a favourite with many and I've no doubts that this one is going to go the same way. 

The camouflage ones seem to be a bit thin on the ground this year ....

1. Topshop Camo Shackett

This is the same shape as the plain Topshop shackett but with a nice soft faded camo print. I did like this but just not as much as the one I decided to go with. I sized down with these shackets so they didn't look so boxy on me.

2. Topshop Camo Printed Shackett

I'm liking the addition of the blue in the print here as it "summerfies" the jacket. Summerfy isn't actually a word but I have a feeling you know what I mean. With blue denim on the cooler summer days - perfect. 

3. Zara Flowing Camouflage Jacket.

This is my favourite out of the three. My eye is always drawn to this one when I'm in Zara and if I could justify another camo jacket - this would be the one. This one is also the perfect festival camo jacket. 


  1. I tried on the exact same camo one on Thursday! I wasn't supposed to be shopping, I'd just popped in for a pair of socks! My mate was in my ear telling me that was at least a couple of bricks (house renovations!) so I put it back - yes, I am regretting it, especially when I look at how good it looks in my Instagram picture. Arrrrrrgh! x

    1. Yes, I think you need to go back for it and be a few bricks short. It will be the one that got away and you know it!

  2. I bought a similar one a few years ago from H&M (in the sale!). it was a bargin at £20!! it's perfect for spring/early summer.

    1. This one is the same price - I think it's brilliant for what it is and the camo one I have is very well made actually. I hope it lasts me a few years.

  3. I like that the jacket has more of a forest green vibe to it, it's a good color on you! Also love the camo jacket...I have enough khaki jackets to go around-the quilted Madewell one (you have it too, right?), a light summer one from Asos as well as a Mac (also from Asos). So the only season I could justify buying a khaki jacket or parka would be winter (but I must resist the urge)!

    1. I do like the deeper green on this jacket - it sets it off a bit. I have a few of the paler khaki ones including the Madewell one (not worn) but this is still different to all the others so it's justified in my eyes ;o)

  4. You've got yourself gems there are all set for spring now it's beginning to appear! I just can't get over how many great things I've seen are from Primark! xx

    1. But you have to get to a big Primark to find all the really good stuff! But still worth a rummage. I was there with a friend today and she couldn't resist a few bits either.

  5. And off to Primark I go ... Love the khaki jacket :)

    1. I bought a khaki jacket at Christmas but it was too big for me (my friend benefitted from that one) so I was delighted to find this one. I've been after a similar style for a while.

  6. Replies
    1. I've always liked the look of them but needed to find the right one for me. I think I've just cracked it.

  7. oh what a difference an iron can make! Its mad isn't it, just how much better it looks after some simple alterations. Its exactly what i've been after for spring, now i can't decide if i want the camo or the khaki.. both are so so good!! i think i need a trip to primark!!XX

    1. Well I think I have the jacket situation covered off now. But yes, the green jacket looked a little crumpled even on the hanger (the camo ones looked fine but slightly different cotton) and it just needed that little bit extra TLC for it to come good. I have noticed that I don't wear coats and jackets that much in the summer months so I don't spend too much on them - better spent on the winter coats I think.