A Little Catch Up ...

Monday, 31 August 2015

.... with a few outfits included :)

A couple of weekends ago, all the boys, big and small deserted me and left me to my own devices with a fridgeful of microwave meals, some fruit and an assortment of other foodstuffs of the non cook variety. And I spent the weekend up a ladder decorating like a banshee and cleaning those bits which you dont bother to do normally because if you can't see it - you don't need to clean it. And that's quite a different perspective when you're 5ft1" tall compared to someone 6ft. My outlook has always been - if you can't see the dust, it's not there. #nottrue

So I ate my microwave meals on my tod but don't feel sorry for me because there is nothing I like more than the hearing of the "ding" when my meal is ready and all I had to do was go "pop, pop, pop" as preparation. Did I ever tell you how much I dislike cooking? 

I also got to lounge around in my pi's on the Sunday morning admiring the fruits of my labour, savouring and enjoying the peace.

But first ... Earl Grey tea. Ahhh.

And I got to eat all the Solero lollies out of the freezer :

Tropical Solero's - a personal favourite.

And after a weekend of looking like Waynetta Slob, I cleaned myself up for the boys return so I wouldn't scare them.

Monsoon Beach Top (altered), Uniqlo Jeans, Ancient Greek Sandal

Annoying tan marks from flip flop adventures in Scarborough - gah!

We went camping in the Yorkshire Dales. In the rain.

Oh how we laughed.

Arriving at the campsite to be met by our friends and Billy the dog who was dressed and ready for the weather ahead.

Billy's Blue Steel pose here.

As was I in my old faithful Sprayway jacket! I am practical to say the least.

Being blown about a bit!

We took a trip in to Grassington .... and we took shoefies.

And then the rain came. 

Still smiling

.... and it came and it came and it came and it meant we had to eat out as we couldn't cook outside! Oh what a shame ;o)

Warm almont and pear tart with clotted cream. It was really horrid ;o)

The next day dawned lovely however and we had bacon sarnies and Earl Grey in the sun.


East meets West

Before making our way to the Forbidden Corner near Leyburn. This is a fab place for kids. I'm not sharing pics of this because it's a little adventure waiting to be discovered and I found the less you know about it going in, the more you get out of it so I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone else. But before going in, we fuelled up in the cafe.

Uniqlo Breton, Totes Bag

Before returning home. One rainy night in a tent was enough and we weren't about to make it two besides which we'd forgotten to bring a lamp #blairwitchproject

I fitted in a dress one day more out of necessity than anything - the jeans are not happy with me :(  The Grumps did say I looked lovely and it was nice to see me out of a scruffy top. Thanks mate. Love you too.

Whistles Dress, H&M Cardigan

And another dress - a rather wet one actually which was as a result of filling up water bombs rather than being blasted by them. You don't know how risky it is filling those dratted little things!

H&M Dress

And I wore the Zara peasant blouse and jeans ....

Zara Top, Jack Wills Jeans, Totes Bag, Pieces Slides

.... when we managed to squeeze in a little music & beer festival in Brighouse to watch my god-son's band Lunan play. 


.... whilst my boys ate their way through the funds they had in their purses.

Somewhere along the way, I defaulted back to old favourites of shirts and jeans. For a day of visiting family.

Gap shirt, Topshop Baxter Jeans, Zara Espadrilles, Primark Bag

And for just going to the shops with the boys, I pulled on one of my Uniqlo silk blouses. I was thinking that I hadn't worn them much this year but to be honest I like to wear them on the cooler days and I have just been trying to get as much wear as possible out of the pretty summer cotton tops I have. What I have noticed is that Uniqlo haven't got a silk range out currently as I wanted to see what offerings they had this year - oh no!

Uniqlo silk spot shirt, New Look Jeans, Hobbs NW3 Sandals, Sezane Tote

And last but not least ... I wore this when I hung out with Elvis :)

American Vintage Top, Primark bag, Zara Jeans

So a little round up just to keep you up to date with my ever so practical outfits. At the end of the day, you can see I rate comfort first!


  1. You look glam under any circumstance. x The boys are "shooting up" as my Mother would say. Referencing their height rather than eluding to illegal substance abuse of course. ;)

    1. Helen - I am so far removed from glam ... especially in my Sprayway jacket! You've seen me in real life too - practical I am, casual I am, glam I am not. I don't even wear mascara!

      And the boys are "shooting up". I can hardly believe it myself.

  2. Looking gorgeous in every one Sue! Looks like you had lots of fun this summer despite the weather ;) Sue xx

    1. Thank you Sue! I guess if you piece everything together, it looks like I got up to all sorts doesn't it. In reality, I didn't really go very far anywhere but having good friends to drag you out of the house and doing things stops you getting in a rut.

  3. Great update Sue - looks like a great time had by all...and how super stylish you look. Those New Look jeans you wore with your silk shirt.....they're gorgeous! As are your Pieces slides - envy :) Agree with Helen re the boys - they're so grown up looking! x

    1. I think those are the pics are from the more presentable days. After I spent three days up a ladder decorating in the scuzziest clothes ever, I really needed to put on some nicer clothes and scrub up a little. It's a bit like, it's lovely and comfy being able to wear joggy bots but they never help you feel your best do they? And my boys ... they are growing up! Small one is a picky one regarding his clothes - he's going to be a little fashionista. Big one - doesn't care as long as he's comfortable.

  4. Ben's San Diego shirt <3 a place dear to me for its craft beer scene! :) Have a question about the blue (quilted?) jacket in your day 2 camping pic--where is that from?

    1. Really - I didn't know that about San Diego!

      The jacket I wore on Day 2 of camping is from H&M from a couple of years back and it's actually black. It's not quilted but looks like it is and feels like it is. I've had quite a lot of wear from it but because it's one of those jackets which I pull out occasionally on cooler summer days or early autumn, I've never taken a picture of myself wearing it. I think it's a jacket which would slot in nicely in your wardrobe.

  5. Wow, how can you look so fantastic after a night camping?! Love all of your outfits but you really can't beat a Breton! X

    1. Ha ha. The picture of me in a chair with a mug, that was taken about an hour after I'd woken up which means my hair had a bit of a chance to settle down. And honestly if you had seen me, I did not look that fantastic when I rolled off the airbed that morning!

      And you're right - a Breton always hits the spot doesn't it?

  6. Your boys are such cool dudes .... I love your silk Uniqlo skirt in fact I love all your outfits. Although your camping trip was slightly wet your sure looked like you had fun, as a child they are the holidays/trips you remember. I certainly do ... getting locked out of a caravan in Anglesey on a wet night. X

    1. My boys don't like wearing shirts so I can't get them to look smart and co-ordinated like your little one. They err more on the casual side ... like mum!

      And I have to say, the camping trip wasn't that bad. I haven't said no to doing it again. Besides which, we've bought the tent and have to use it now!

  7. Your boys are getting so big ... love the pics of their expectant faces at the cake stall. This was such a lovely post Sue! Made me smile :)

    1. They are growing up and it won't be long before Ben towers over me. He reaches my ear now! And we have nearly the same size feet which is not a bad thing as I have a couple of pairs of NB trainers I can pass on to him :)

      Can't wait till they reach teenage sassy hood. Not.

  8. Lovely, lovely pictures Sue, and your boys look so squeezable! Is your mug from H&M? I've been looking for some to go with the new kitchen, but I could only find plates and bowls online. (Apologies if it's high-end and v expensive, you know I lurk at the bottom end of the high street :-D) xx

    1. My mug is from H&M Becky - I too like lurking at the bottom end of the high street, in fact it's where I frequently hang out. I think they've sold out of the ivory coloured ones, they had some pale aqua ones left last time I looked. They were my version of a tin/mug. I like the Falconware enamel range and I was pointing out the mugs to the hubs but he said he wasn't drinking out of a tin mug. And I could sort of see his point so these look like a similar design but are just a little bit more "civilian".

  9. Love this Sue, feel like I have been on a little holiday with you all..kind of..cyber-ly ?!! You are looking fab in all your outfits, how gorgeous is that Zara embroidered top definitely the top I have worn most this summer! Your boys are gorgeous and I completely agree, one night in a rainy tent is all I could do too! xxx

    1. Well I took photos along the way but I posted a few on Instagram, didn't post others so I thought I'd cobble everything together and see what came out.

      And the rainy night in a tent wasn't all bad. It didn't put me off but next time ... we could do with a lamp instead of a head torch! I even refused to have a late night cup of tea for fear of having to set off out for the toilets in the middle of the night!

  10. You know how much I love seeing your outfits Sue (more please!) but it is also so lovely to see so many snippets of your life too....you definitely look like you've had a wonderful Summer....can't believe you even managed to fit some painting in too! I must admit I am now craving some routine as there have been so many jobs that have been sidelined to entertain my now not-so-little one! That said, by this time next week we will all be back in full swing of things and the Summer will be a distant memory I suspect! :0( xx

    1. I looked through my Instagram and realised that I had stopped taking the outfit photos - it's easy to get out of the habit and besides which there were days when what I was wearing really didn't need sharing. So I just tried to pull together what I had whereas you're really good at organising this.

      And I actually really enjoyed the summer break from fashiony things actually and not being too caught up in the latest trends - some of it is on repeat and at the end of the day, you still can't beat a pretty top and a pair of jeans and I have plenty of those!

  11. Fabulous post, Sue. Loved seeing all of your outfit posts and adventures. We stayed in Grassington a couple of years ago - such a beautiful spot!

    You say you're not caught up in trends, but you don't need to be. You always look effortlessly stylish and have such a sense of your own style. Lynne xx


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