Disclaimers Revisited - An Update

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Right, last October I wrote a post about bringing my wardrobe up to date (here). Remember the disclaimers I added to the end about certain potential additions/non additions to the wardrobe? Shall I remind you?

  • Faux Fur. They don't really suit me or I've just not found the one. (Disclaimer - I have the right to retract that statement should you see me in a faux fur jacket/coat).
  • Culottes. I don't know how to wear them when it gets really cold but I'm not sure they are really me. I know knee high boots are one way round how to wear them and can look fab but realistically speaking - I don't have the energy to go there. (Disclaimer - I have the right to retract that statement should you see me in a pair of culottes).
  • Pleather/leather jeggings/pants. I've not found a flattering pair yet. (Disclaimer - I have the right to retract that statement should you see me in a pair of pleather/leather jeggings/pants).
  • Pointy Boots. The ones I like are too expensive. So I'll leave that one alone. (Disclaimer - I have the right to retract that statement should you see me in a pair of pointy boots because I caved).
  • Statement Coat. Not bothered. (Disclaimer - I have the right to retract that statement when it turns up)

So let's see what happened shall we?

  • Faux Fur. 

Disclaimer retracted. Okay, I said I was going to make do with my faux fur snood and my pom pom keyring but then the black Matalan fur coat came along and my whole furry world was complete and whole. Basically I just needed to find a fur coat that wasn't going to wear me and scream fashion victim and Sasquatch in the same breath and it took a little bit of doing and a few games of seek and ye shall find. But I found.

Matalan Fur Coat

  • Culottes. 
Disclaimer retraction not required. Ah ... I kept my sensible head on with this one. I actually had a pair of culottes in my possession and they didn't look bad, they looked pretty good actually. They were the M&S ones which Fran and Joanna had and I bagged myself a pair in the short fitting. They looked the bees knees when worn with a black polo neck and tan leather knee high boots that I had. But ... I couldn't be bothered to keep them as I knew I would only wear that one look and to be honest, I didn't even think I would even get myself out of the door in them. So I returned them. Pat on the back for me. But ... I have a secret hankering for some denim ones for the summer. Yes sirreee!

  • Pleather/leather jeggings/pants. 
Disclaimer retracted. Oh how I tried! Oh how I cried! I tried a goodly amount of pairs on. I tried all the skinny versions on that I could find in various stores and I can honestly say, they were not a good look for me. Wrinkly knees at the front and unsightly ripples down the back. You know when people say you should never look (around the) back? I should never have looked back! I also thought the looser peg styles might work and I got so far as to bringing a pair home and prancing about a little in them and realised that (1) they felt funny on and (2) I didn't feel comfortable or confident wearing them. So they went back too. And then I found the ones which had ponte jersey on the back. And that's when it hit me - this was what I needed as the jersey just helped to hug in the right places and I could still bend my knees and I was comfy ... like wearing a pair of jersey leggings which is what they are literally but with a bit of pleather at the front. And they were only £5. 

H&M Pleather Leggings

  • Pointy Boots. 
Disclaimer retraction not required. I'm living in my Stans when the weather is dry. And I'm doing that by sticking some fleecy insoles in them to take the edge of the cold. My other shoes are virtually redundant. I am also trying my best to wear the ankle boots that I have but mainly I am defaulting to warm comfy footwear aka Uggs. There was basically no justification for another pair of boots (I can't believe I just typed that!). And of course I will kick myself next winter when pointy boots are still a-go a-go. But I held fast and I may not be the most fashionable but I found I didn't really need them after all. How good am I? Besides we're nearly in March ... and the toes will be out soon.

  • Statement Coat. 
Disclaimer retraction not required. I have no statement coat. I have an understatement coat though. No pink, no orange, no baby blue, no red. Just an understated khaki swamp coloured coat. Because that's the kind of gal I am :)

Topshop Slouchy Coat

Summary - Only 2 out of a potential 5 disclaimers exercised. Not bad, not bad at all.


  1. I checked off several of these boxes too, this winter. Faux fur, statement coat, pointy boots, check!

    When I find a pair of pleather leggings on sale in khaki or tan I will happily cave, but they're harder to find than black.

    Culottes, I'm 99.9% sure not. Just not interested (although I do love crops).

    Great hair btw!

    1. Khaki pleather leggings - you have your work cut out there! And I probably won't do the culottes but I get these things in to my head and I usually need to try them to exorcise them out of my system. I doubt very much that I will have a pair for the summer but never say never.

      And thanks about the hair - you just reminded me to reschedule an appointment!

  2. Funny! My main disclaimer was jeans with ripped knees. Can't go there ... haven't ... and pretty much 100% sure that I won't. I just itch to sew them up! Granny much?!!! Loving your fur find - very cute!

    1. Oh Helen - but you wear mildly distressed jeans don't you and you did say you would never do that at one point. We shall see you with your knee rips soon!

  3. Brilliant! Fleece linings for trainers. Sue, you may well have changed my life. I can't remember what I said I wasn't going to buy because I'm so fickle and some days I just wake up and think, yesterday I hated something, today I love it!! x

    1. I swear by them and in my boots over winter too. Buy a couple of pairs and switch them between the shoes/boots/trainers you wear. You'll never look back. It just makes it that little bit more pleasant to slide your feet in to something cushy.

  4. Your post made me LOL at work. By the way, I thought of you when I saw this:

    I don't know if Nordstrom ships internationally but Net-A-Porter should, I would think. You'd be able to access some of Madewell's products that way.

    1. I know Shopbop do Madewell but the prices have to be a little more palatable yet. I shop when they are at the end of the sale practically and then it all seems a lot more reasonable. I'll look forward to seeing it being stocked on NAP - it means it gets to me a lot quicker!

      And hey - glad I brightened your day at work!

  5. The last one - statement /understatement coat disclaimer had me laughing! although I love my next ones, I think your H&M pleather leggings with the Ponte back lend themselves more to day to day wear.

    1. I did try a red coat on in Warehouse and somewhere along the way I'm sure I've tried a pale blue but at the end of the day, I just came away with something that I felt comfortable in. It works for me!

      And you're right about the ponte backed pleather leggings, I would have felt more obvious if they had been a full on pair but I think I can get away with these much better. I could have done with these years ago when the boys were younger - wipe clean!

  6. I love these sort of posts, but I don't think I'd ever manage one - how long would it have to be??! You have far greater self control than I do! I think you're better at returning stuff, once I've got it home it tends to stay. I think I live in hope that somehow it will suddenly turn into exactly the thing I wanted and didn't quite manage to find...

    The jersey backed pleathers are brilliant in my opinion. Mine weren't such a bargain as yours, but they're only from Next so they didn't exactly break the bank. Great for holding everything in place though! And I love your (under)statement coat, it'll last forever for being that little bit more subtle. And the culottes? I bloody had some denim ones that I charity-shopped! *sob* So I'm on that mission too this Summer. I live in hope...

    Becky x

    1. Becky, I have no self control which is why I buy everything and then return it when I've assessed the heck out of it and realise that I was having a daft moment thinking that I am a 6ft Victoria's Secret model and then wake up and realise I'm actually a midget. I have quite a lot of mistakes in my wardrobe too but that would be War and Peace if I tried to work through that.

      And I don't think I will actually do the denim culottes but I just spied a pair on Forever 21 but they've either sold out or they're not out yet. I might have to check them out though. Or may be not. But maybe I should ... see? No hope!

  7. I love the way you put so much thought into your purchases......though it does make me feel like I'm a bit random, especially at the moment because I feel like I want to buy everything I am seeing! I tend to make do with an item if it fits my vision of what I'm looking for so maybe I should be more like you and hang on to find the perfect item then I'm more likely to wear it.
    One thing I did not succumb to was the culottes either....the M&S ones felt like workwear on me. I had some Fat Face denim culottes post baby....yeah, you know when you are in that mumsy territory so I don't think I'll be revisiting denim ones again anytime soon....though I do reserve the right to retract that statement if I see some good ones on you! ;0) x

  8. Well, I think you look pretty cool in all the pictures. Sometimes a little subtle hint to a trend is all you need. I definitely wear loads of neutrals; grey, black, navy, dark brown... I have a gorgeous red coat, but I hardly wear it.

    Love that you spend time deciding what's right for you. I send back more stuff than I keep, as I'm so fussy. Not sure I will be doing culottes but will probably do flares. I spent last summer trying to replace an old loved pair that had lost the elastane, and bagged horribly. I'm still looking...

  9. I'm hopeless, I even went for the culottes (which I have never worn)! Ebay is beckoning for a huge clear out!

  10. i have the same problem with pleather things too. they don't quite have the right stretch, although my friend mentioned her real leather helmut lang ones fit like a glove. haven't quite gotten anywhere close to finding out for myself though, but jersey panels are a great solution! and for 5 quid... !

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  11. Sue, so late ....but just wanted to say I'm still reading and recently got some leather skinnies with pointe backs, absolutely love them. Always looking good my friend.Cx

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