I really like .....

Sunday, 9 September 2012
....... Laura Bailey.

No doggie in sight - hurrah!

The above picture kind of jumped out at me from a mag the other day where she was advertising Radley handbags which I have actively avoided since day dot due to the rather childish Scottie dog designs. You can shoot me now but I don't like the overly cute Scottie dog designs, in fact I find them just a little bit twee and annoying - only school girls should have cute doggies on their bags .... not grown women.  But I know they've been revamping themselves and credit to them ... Laura is basically doing a fab job because she just looks fantastic in their campaigns.  I really love the outfit above but this is one of those contentious looks which few can carry off well.  When worn by a regular person, the chances are it will fall into the "gran/frump" category.  This is a look the other half will hate unless you look like Laura Bailey wearing it ... no forget it ... they will still hate it.  

Another shot from their Autumn Winter 2012 campaign.  This is so starting to get me in the mood for Autumn.  

Still no doggie in sight - hurrah!

And from the Spring Summer 2012 campaign :

Nop - still no doggie!

And it was all going so well ... spot the doggie!

But this post is not about Radley handbags, this is about Laura Bailey.  A lady whose style is simple, sophisticated yet has a little vintage twist.  She doesn't seem to get as many pages dedicated to her style compared to the usual fashion suspects such as the two Kates and Alexa but I really like her English quirky cool.  

She rocks a contemporary blazer and tee look just like that .....

I need a grey blazer so badly.
Picture Credit : Zimbio

And then makes a Topshop jumper eminently covetable :

I looked rubbish in this - I know ... I tried it on.

and then switches on the girl charm the next minute :

Bed head. Cool.
Picture Credit : JemimaDaisy

I like the fact that all three looks are actually wearable - you just tweak and adapt to your own personal style... and I also like that she has been described as "the thinking woman's fashion pin up" which almost makes me feel very intelligent.  

So Laura rocks .... which is probably why she is Cultural Ambassador for the British Fashion Council but I also like the fact that she is also an older model - someone closer to my age group - she's 40! And on some of the photos I've seen her in, she even has a few fine lines which is quite refreshing as she's not been airbrushed to death.  She's just a normal woman ageing well and fashionably.

So a little off the beaten track for me and something almost tantamount to a little heroine worship. Just a little post about Laura.  London girl about town.  

Who's been inspiring you lately?  


  1. Yes she's stunning and always seems to look well turned out. Love that first look - but you're spot on, on people of average proportions it wouldn't work at all. There are many similar looks in Brora catalogue which are all very well in theory - and on Rosie Huntingdon -Whitely or Florence Blundell-Bruce or whoever, but would be frump central on me. I used to have a kilt, in fact haven't Boden got one in the autumn collection this year?!

    1. I don't know about Boden - I haven't paid too much attention despite having been sent the lookbook recently. I'm still not that sold on them. They do a good plain jumper but most of their prints, I actually find a little off putting.

      Yeah - I loved the first picture - such a simple look - so difficult to carry off well though. Sigh.

  2. I used to detest Radley bags. A friend had one and the quality was so-so but that little Scotty tag drove me bananas. I was pleasantly surprised with the current collection. More practical and grown up. Lately I've been checking out Sofia Coppola, Ines de la Fressange and fellow bloggers like yourself. I like those who have a distinct style that's also comfortable and practical.

    1. Sofia Coppola is gorgeous - she just has such a relaxed style - very effortlessly chic. I used to be fascinated by Ines de la Fressange when I was in my teens. I remember seeing her in Elle wearing her Chanel jackets ...strange - that was a flashback moment! I probably prefer her more relaxed style now.

      I like to read blogs where I can relate to the fashion - something I can possibly buy or wear. I don't do fierce fashion very well and I don't like over accessorising. I'm such a simple soul. I also love people who pull looks together with the simplest pieces but really style it well. Just a shirt/jumper and a pair of jeans a la Sofia.

  3. oh...radley bags...I ordered recently one via ebay as I wanted a red bag...yeah, it did come with a dog. I will have to resell it or give it to charity.
    Glad to know that they don't do dogs anymore.

    1. Oh - now I feel bad. I know you like dogs - you keep your bag and enjoy it. Ignore my mad mutterings. I know nothing!

    2. Yes, I do like dogs, but NOT on a bag of a thirty something woman. I just failed to see it when I made my bid on ebay, lol

  4. Oh your picture comments made me laugh. I went through a phase of Radley bags a few years ago (odd, given that I'm not a dog lover) and am now wondering what the hell I should do with them. I suspect I may be making my first foray into the exciting world of selling on eBay pretty soon. And really sorry to be controversial, but whilst I happily agree that Laura Bailey is stunning, my personal opinion is that a kilt is NOT A GOOD LOOK! School uniform anyone?

    1. I'm not wearing a kilt any day soon but the girl does look damned good in one. We can always tweak the look a little and change the skirt. I'm not in to white stilettos either but she looks good in those too!

      Aaaah Radley handbags. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone with a handbag would comment. They seem to be a bit fashion marmite.

  5. She is so beautiful. I confess I'd never paid too much attention to Radley until she started doing the campaign. Her photos are so gorgeous! I also went looking for that green Topshop jumper when I saw that picture. Fortunately, for my wallet, I didnt find it. I don't think it'd look as good on me.

    1. I'm sure it would have looked lovely on you - it's very your style actually. Yes - she's lovely - these Radley campaigns are certainly working ... well sort of. I've noticed Laura but I still don't want a bag.


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