Holiday Wardrobe - Shorts. How many is too many?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012
The only time I wear shorts is when I'm cleaning the showers in the house or when I'm on holiday.  I don't give much thought to the shorts I have for cleaning but I have been thinking a lot about the shorts I will need for my holiday coming.  Infact the thinking a lot has led to buying .... a lot of pairs of shorts.  Not expensive I hasten to add (should the Grump Meister be reading this by any chance) but I seem to have acquired errmm 4 pairs in the last month ... since we booked the holiday.  

H&M Boyfriend Denim Shorts.  
Yes it has taken this long.

This is my first pair of denim shorts...ever.  It has taken me to the grand age of 41 to get a pair of denim shorts.  There's a part of me which says at 41, I should not be going there but there's a devilish part of me that says, if not now - when? When my legs get more dimply and crepey and cellulitey? I swear, as I grow older, I get more daring or should that be, I care less?  I have come to realise, people are more concerned about what they are wearing themselves than to look at what you're wearing.  I'm not that impressed with my legs from the knees up but now, I think "okay, not great but hey - I've seen worse on people half my age and they're still wearing belts for skirts!"  Does this mean I am growing old disgracefully?

Primark Yellow Denim Shorts.  
Shield thine eyes from the glow!

I've been wanting a pair of bright yellow shorts.  The ones on the J Crew website were lovely but too expensive a purchase for what will literally be a very brief wear.  My friend took one look at these and said "love the colour but aren't they rather short?".  My friend wears hers about 2 inches above the knee though she's tiny as anything and has great legs.  I was her until these last couple of years when I thought - heck - let's just go for it (within reason).  At £5, I'm loving these.  These look great with an ivory/black stripe combination - a bit like a bee having a colour run incident.  Think about it.

Primark Bright Pink Linen Shorts.  
Shield thine eyes again!

I just love the colour.  I haven't always done colour but I have been trying to branch out a bit more in recent years since all this colour blocking stuff has been going around and if I'm going to do pink - it has to be the bright shocker stuff.  None of this wishy washy pale pink stuff.  I don't do nice pink.  I do attitude pink.  Watch me eat my words in another post in the future where I will probably be extolling the virtues of some baby pink garment I have fallen in love with.  These were £5 too but I personally think they look more expensive - at least £6!  I find the trick with cheaper clothes is just swap cheap buttons, trim threads, a really good iron and it all looks so much better.  You don't always need to spend a lot to make it look a lot.  You just need to put in a little effort.

Tesco White Denim Shorts.  
Pam A - eat your heart out!

I know, I know, who do I think I am.  Pammy Anderson comparisons anyone? Red bathing costume next?  I was having a mooch through the clothes department in Tesco's when I should have been doing the food shop and I spotted this single pair of white denim shorts hanging up on their lonesome with a tag of £4.  I had my doubts but they looked okay on.  So in they went with the Alpro Soya.  I was thinking of teaming them with my grey Zara vest top to channel my best Coachella look a la Kate Bosworth and the rest of the stylish people (read in a very light hearted manner please and not too sarcastic a tone).

Zara Blue Relaxed Shorts.  
You can eat till you pop in these!

And whilst rummaging through the overflow boxes in the top bedroom, I happened on another pair of shorts which I had totally forgotten about (I blame age yet again).  These blue Zara ones are a kind of smarter short and quite flattering and also you can't beat an elasticated waistband for comfort in a hot climate and an over indulged belly.

So, I have 5 pairs to choose from.  I'm only going for a week. I can't take all 5 can I? They are only small.  We'll have to wait until the final edit to see.

And for those who can't imagine what a bee who has had a colour run incident looks like:

Channelling my best J Crew/Aubin Wills look here.

See!  All the colour has run in to my shorts!!  You don't get it do you?


  1. Ha-ha...I liked your observation that it's better to wear shorts now before it becomes too late! Your legs look good by the way, unlike mine as at some point i overdid sport and have legs of an athlete...which looks quite bizarre when I wear a short dress in a pub, smoke like a chimney and order red wine.

    1. Did you not notice that I did not do the full body shot - I relied on the wonderful cropping tool to only show off the non offensive parts - I love photo editing :o) And you paint such a lovely picture of yourself - an athletic, mini skirted, red wine guzzling chimney of a lady. My kind of gal :o)

  2. They are all lovely and you look fab in the yellow pair! I don't think I would get away with wearing them now as I'm late forties:( I better stick with the tailored longer variety!

    1. The PC was not playing ball yesterday evening so if you get multiple replies, this will be why but fingers crossed my comments are updating this morning. I do love the yellow pair - they certainly exude sunshine yellowness which is why I couldn't resist them. I think yellow has become my surprise colour of the year this year. Anne, long and short - you will wear them well.

  3. Loving the denim ones - you have the great pins so you can wear them. Now I'm 50 with all that implies given the forces of gravity, I would have to wear them with the legs wound down

    1. You are 50? You're one funky and fun momma. I think you'd look great in the denim ones - you'd probably wear them better than Elle anyway.

  4. I have just been through exactly the same process - hence speed diet started monday! Secured a few bargains from H&M online, I think i've got the denim ones you have posted. Will put them up on my blog when they arrive - we can compare notes! The yellow ones look fab definitely keepers. And for the record you are never too old xx

    1. I think I need to hit that speed diet button too but I've just had a buttery bagel this morning (need to stop eating bagels) and it's not helping the bikini bulge belly at all. Look forward to your post on the H&M shorts. We would look like chalk and cheese wearing the same - you tall, me small! And yes - never too old till next year or when the hubs starts to say "time to put them away".

  5. I like those H&M and yellow shorts of yours! I don't know what you mean? You've got fine lookin' legs!

    1. Skirts only just above the knee - anywhere more than 1 inch above and no opaques - it becomes eugh. However when on holiday - do like all the mad tourists do and wear anything. Long, short or bonkers - don't mind too much - I don't know anyone and I'm unlikely to be remembered so anything goes - gosh - now I feel bad for the locals and the sights they must get subjected to!


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