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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pink Alix Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

...... no not a cake or some fabulous foodie creation - just a delicate little pearl bracelet.  And this is my attempt at arty photos.  I'm probably standing in the light as usual but I know nothing about picture taking apart from point and click with my little Canon Ixus. For those who don't know, I make jewellery which I sometimes sell at the odd little village fayre and I think Grump Meister is hoping I will turn this into a money making venture at some point so I can contribute to the family income. The picture taking is fun but frustrating - I take one half decent shot for every 50 bad ones. In another 5 years, I might have enough good pictures to start using on my own website after all the website domain has been secured for me by the Grumps for the next couple of years ... it's just waiting for me to do something apart from shopping, cooking, ironing, entertaining and looking after small people ..... and writing blog posts.  Or I could just set up on Etsy.

And this is my view for the next few days ....

Dining room cum workshop

I'm supposed to be getting ready for a village fayre so I've set up shop in the dining room.. Underneath the dotty oilcloth is a beautiful old hardwood dining table but with my two terrors - there is no way we can leave that exposed for them to etch their initials upon.  I can't complain about the working conditions much - the hours are flexible, the surroundings are clean and comfortable and there are cups of tea aplenty.  Hopefully, when the boys are in full time education, I can concentrate on this little venture and become a WAHM* instead of going back to work in an office.  

Fingers crossed and wish me luck please.  

  • WAHM* -  (Work At Home Mum).  Acronym borrowed from Chocolate cookies and candies 
  • Anyone wanting to know more about Susie Ho jewellery please feel free to contact me at  I don't bite. Honest.
  • Anyone just wanting to contact me for any reason at all - feel free. It makes the day go faster than ... cooking, ironing, entertaining and looking after small people.


  1. I always look forward to reading your post everyday (so keep blogging!) because you never fail to make me laugh with your witty comments. Thanks for the shout out. Friends of mine think that I must have it made being a WAHM but I work longer hours and get paid far less than my old job. BUT I love it!

    Oh wow, you make jewelry! I can't make anything. I fail miserably in arts and craft and dread it when Lil L brings back homework that involves cutting up bits of stuff. Bleh.

    1. :o) Thank you so much - that has brightened up my rainy wet stay at home day today. It means a lot as I really enjoy your blog too - it's funny, informative and I love the tales you tell in your own inimitable manner. I love crafty stuff so jewellery making is a walk in the park compared to cooking - that's just alchemy & witchcraft. I hope the WAHM works out as I have no intention of going back into I.T. - the young 'uns would have me for breakfast now! I.T. waits for no mum. And I didn't know I needed a Longchamp messenger till today - I need to sell a lot of jewellery to get one of those!

  2. Hi Susie! Your pictures look perfect to me! Lovely jewellery:) I am also hugely attracted to your wallpaper. I admired it before on another blog I love to read:) Have a great weekend... lets hope the sun shines a little!

    1. Hi Anne - thank you for the compliments. I love the wallpaper too and even the decorator loved it so much he had to take a photo for his website to show his clients. The dining room was beyond boring (no features, no alcoves unlike our old cottage previously) so I decided we needed something interesting to liven it up and so the woods wallpaper happened a couple of years ago. I'd like to do a Halloween party for the boys in there with candles and spooky cobwebs and a "lost in the woods" theme but then I think grubby handmarks and fire hazard so maybe I will pass :o)

  3. Hi Sue,
    Just exploring your blog more (it's great and I hope you got those Jigsaw boots eventually...)

    You know you said we had the same style.... well we have the SAME DINING ROOM WALLPAPER!

    So yes - I think you're right :-)

    1. We obviously both have great taste ;o)


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