Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Now that we are now in Spring though you'd never know it from the weather we've been having, I have relegated a lot of the winter boots to the back of the wardrobe.  And until its sandals and flip flop weather, I'm going with pumps - the lace up variety.

So I finally managed to track down a pair of Converse All Star Ox Lo in Optical White in my size.  To sit proudly next to my other pair of Converse All Star Ox Lo in grey (but look more like a taupe to me).  I don't know how I got it in my head that I needed a pair of white trainers which the two boys will probably stamp on and turn grub coloured but hey until then, I have a lovely clean pair of white Converse.  Actually they are a bit too white - I'm looking forward to them getting that slightly worn in pre-loved grub coloured look.

I got the "grey/taupe" Converse in Hong Kong when I last visited in 2009 pregnant with George bump.  If you are going to go and shop for trainers or pumps - you really need to go to Hong Kong where they even have whole streets dedicated to selling trainers.  

Look how brilliant white those Converse are!

On the subject of Converse, look what I dug out for little George!  The black ones were originally Ben's and the navy hi-tops were a present from a lovely friend. How super cool and cute.

Too cute!

There was an article last year about Superga's in Grazia last year but I couldn't quite make up my mind on those and then came across the Bensimons which I like for their old slightly beaten up look.  I kind of thought everyone would go for the Superga's especially with Alexa Chung promoting them but it's kind of fun to go a different way even if no one else gets why you've chosen a battered old pair of purple pumps and no one's heard of Bensimons.


The pewter ones's have seen better days but they have served me well with through various holidays and the obligatory school run.  I thought about getting a replacement pair as I have worn them so much but I know that if I do that, the old ones will never get worn out.  I have shoes that are older than old shoes ....


So what do you think? Converse, Superga, Bensimon, Vans?  What's your pump?

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